Rater Services

HERS Ratings | Energy Efficiency


The NEC provides certified HERS ratings to Minnesota builders and homeowners. HERS ratings are a tool to predict home energy efficiency and are overseen by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET).

Our process:

1)  Meet developer to review available new homes energy incentive programs

2)  Review plans to determine targeted HERS score

3)  Visit site prior to drywall installation to inspect insulation

4)  Conduct post-installation site inspection 
     and performance testing

5)  Complete post-test report and deliver final HERS score

The index at right is an example of the HERS index. Standard new homes built to code have a HERS score of 100, while Net Zero Energy homes have a score of 0.
For more information on the NEC’s rating services, call Phil Anderson at 651-789-5713.