Car Sharing for the Twin Cities

This summer HOURCAR spins off as an independent nonprofit (news release). Bookmark HOURCAR online at HOURCAR.org.


HOURCAR, the Neighborhood Energy Connection's award winning car-sharing program, makes car ownership optional in the Twin Cities. Join HOURCAR for occasional driving needs and use transit, a bicycle, your feet or a carpool for your daily commute. Sell your car without losing freedom or mobility and save thousands of dollars every year.

HOURCAR members make self-service reservations online or by phone, pick up an HOURCAR at a convenient location, run errands and attend appointments, return the car to its parking space, lock it up and walk away. Cars have on-board computers to record trip information and members are invoiced monthly. The costs for gas, insurance, and parking are all included.

Sharing cars is the energy-efficient way to get around. Research shows that car sharing reduces pollution, as trips are shifted to transit, biking, and walking.

HOURCAR members choose from a variety of rate plans to meet their needs.  

  • Voyager Plan: Our most popular plan is a great deal at $6 per month or $55 per year, $8.50 per hour with 100 free miles included in each reservation ($.35/mile above 100)
  • Neighborhood Plan: Ideal for shorter trips, it costs just $6 per month or $55 per year, $6.75 per hour, and $0.35 per mile.
  • Student Plan: Costs only $35 per year, $6 per hour, and $0.25 per mile (no monthly fee).
  • Business/Nonprofit Plan: Have access to a company car for $7.50 per hour  and a $40 business day maximum cost, with 100 miles included free.

HOURCAR members must meet basic requirements, including being at least 18 years of age and holding a valid driver's license.  Individual, household, student, and business memberships are popular and available.  For information on hub locations, rates, or to join online, please visit www.HOURCAR.org.