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Accomplish all of your home energy projects with NEC financing. Several loan options are available. Click the loan name to see details.

Energy Fix-Up Loan - Unsecured / Secured - Available to all Minnesota homeowners
No second mortgage, no home equity required and no income limits. A great choice for energy-only projects with financing up to $15,000 at 4.99%.

Fix-Up Loan - Available to all Minnesota homeowners
Secured as a mortgage on your property. Borrow up to $50,000 at 5.99% to cover almost any home improvement. Income limit $99,500.

Fix-Up Loan Unsecured - Available to all Minnesota homeowners
No second mortgage and no home equity required. Borrow up to $15,000 at 6.49% for energy improvements and home remodeling. Income limit $99,500.

Suburban Ramsey County Energy Conservation Deferred Loan - Available to Ramsey County homeowners, excluding St. Paul. For homeowners in select Ramsey County cities. Forgiven when when you own your home for ten years.

Energy Smart Homes - Available to Saint Paul homeowners
A zero-interest, 15-year deferred loan for Saint Paul homeowners and landlords. No income limits and no equity requirements.

As a homeowner, you've got an array of options for home improvement financing. Find out what sets our nonprofit loan program apart.

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