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New Loan for Home Energy-Efficiency Projects

April 30, 2014: Announcing a new low cost loan to help homeowners of all income levels make energy efficiency improvements.

New Approach to Incorporate Home Energy Efficiency at Time of Sale

March 17, 2014: Center for Energy and Environment in conjunction with partner Neighborhood Energy Connection, excitedly announced the publication of a report that outlines a new approach to incorporate the value of energy-efficiency in homes at time-of-sale. The program, called “Energy Fit Homes,” will be launching in April, in conjunction with the Neighborhood Energy Connection.

Energy Audit Shows Where Cold Air Seeps into Your Home

January 3, 2014: NEC's Residential Energy Specialist Chris Rustad and Channel 5 News show you some surprising ways cold air leaks into your house.

Minneapolis Car Sharing Pilot Program is Growing

August 16, 2013: HourCar is the first car sharing program founded in the Twin Cities. They have 57 vehicles parked at 53 hubs throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul. Your range is unlimited, except the longest reservation is three days. Mary Morse of the "Neighborhood Energy Connection" which runs HourCar says it's all about savings.

HOURCAR Wins University of Minnesota Contract

July 22, 2013: The University of Minnesota – Twin Cities has announced that it has selected HOURCAR to provide car sharing services on campus. Service begins August 1 with 10 new vehicles. Membership plans are now available for University students, faculty, staff and departments.

HOURCAR’s Major Expansion Begins with Eight New Minneapolis Hubs

June 20, 2013: HOURCAR announces the addition of eight new hubs to its network of locations throughout Minneapolis and Saint Paul. The HOURCAR fleet now numbers 47 vehicles.

A citywide efficiency overhaul: Saint Paul recommissioning, lighting, and community outreach

May 28, 2013: The City of Saint Paul understands the value of decreasing its energy load. It saves the city and taxpayers money, enhances the community by offering a healthier and safer place to live, and decreases the city’s environmental impact.

ACEEE Recognizes Home Energy Squad in Exemplary Energy Efficiency Programs

March 21, 2013: The selected programs demonstrate success in helping customers increase the energy efficiency of their homes, offices, businesses, and industries. By doing so, these programs reduce energy costs, improve the environment, and boost economic development.

City mulls car-sharing partnership

January 28, 2013: City of Minneapolis officials are mulling whether a partnership with a car sharing company could help expand the service to more areas of the city.

Xcel Energy Helps Bring Energy Efficiency to the Redevelopment of Foreclosed Homes in St. Paul, MN

January 2013: Xcel Energy Helps Bring Energy Efficiency to the Redevelopment of Foreclosed Homes in St. Paul, MN