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Participating in the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR certified new homes program is a great way for builders and homeowners to optimize their energy-saving opportunities.

These energy-saving opportunities translate to concrete benefits. According to the EPA, research shows ENERGY STAR certified buildings:

  •         Have lower operating costs
  •         Are more marketable
  •         Contribute fewer greenhouse gas emissions to the environment
  •         Command higher rental rates
  •         Have increased asset value

Our ENERGY STAR certified new homes consultants help you realize these benefits. Since 2001, we’ve certified over 261 ENERGY STAR projects—more than any other active rater in the state. We assess new home plans from designs and offer recommendations for energy improvements. We also provide quality assurance during and after construction to ensure that mechanical systems and energy-efficiency features are installed correctly. 

New homes that successfully participate in the ENERGY STAR New Homes program are formally certified as ENERGY STAR qualified by the EPA.

Our Process

We support builders in their ENERGY STAR projects from plan review all the way to submission of the final paperwork:

1. Pre- Construction Plan Review - The NEC will review building plans and complete a pre-rating to provide recommendations and ensure that all requirements for ENERGY STAR are being met.

2. Framing Inspection – The NEC will inspect the house prior to insulation to verify advance framing techniques, and inspect pre-poly behind stairs, interior wall intersections, etc.

3. Pre-Duct Testing – The NEC will fill supply and return ductwork with smoke to ensure there are no leaks. This is usually done at the framing inspection and ensures that duct work that is going to be enclosed by drywall is properly sealed.

4. Insulation Inspection – The NEC will verify that all insulation meets the requirements of ENERGY STAR and all penetrations are sealed appropriately.

5. Final Inspection – The NEC will conduct a blower door test, total duct leakage test, and duct leakage to the outside test. The NEC will also verify the flow rates for the ventilation system and supply and return ducts as required by ENERGY STAR.

6. Final Paperwork – The NEC will submit all ENERGY STAR checklists after final inspection to ENERGY STAR.

For more information on our ENERGY STAR New Homes offerings, call Phil Anderson at 651-789-5713.


The Benefits of an ENERGY STAR New Home