Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR.

Xcel Energy's Home Performance with ENERGY STAR rebate program rewards you in cash rebates for installing energy-saving improvements, equipment, and appliances. Home Performance with ENERGY STAR is ideal for homeowners who are making multiple home improvements, such as adding insulation, a new efficient furnace or even something as simple as an ENERGY STAR-qualified thermostat.

Participation Requirements

You must receive both your gas and electricity from Xcel Energy. Xcel Energy electric only customers who have electric space heating also qualify.

Step 1: Complete a Standard Home Energy Audit with Blower Door ($60 fee) or Infrared Audit ($100 fee). Call Xcel Energy at 1.800.895.4999 or request the audit online.

Step 2: Use the Participating Home Performance Contractors List to select your contractor for the required Attic Insulation project and any other project requiring a contractor.

Step 3: Implement at least five energy improvements—three are required and you can pick two from the list of elective projects. There is no limit to the number of improvements you can make. Complete the projects within 12 months of the date you signed up. This is typically the date of your Energy Audit.

Step 4: When all work is complete schedule a FREE final inspection with the NEC. The NEC will collect all receipts and invoices and submit your rebate paperwork to Xcel Energy.

To help ensure you earn the best rebates

  1. Call the NEC with any questions. We are here to help make this program work for you. Our energy advisor Mike can be reached at 651-328-6224.
  2. You must use the Participating Home Performance Contractors List for all your contract work. Make sure your contractor knows the requirements of the program. If you have questions about this, please call Mike.
  3. Tell your contractors before and after the work is completed that you are participating in Xcel Energy’s Home Performance program. Ask them NOT to fill out any rebate paperwork for you.
  4. Hold on to any receipts or invoices that you get for your Home Performance projects.

Call the NEC at 651-328-6224 with any questions and for personal guidance through this program. You can also visit Xcel Energy's Home Performance Rebate with ENERGY STAR website for detailed information.

Eligible Improvements

Required Projects (all three must be completed)

*Must use a contractor from the Home Performance contractor list for this project.

**Xcel Energy will rebate a maximum of 20 CFLs and 20 LEDs. A homeowner cannot earn a rebate for more than 20 bulbs of either type. 

Attic Insulation to R-44 (20% of installation cost up to $300)*
      If existing R-value is 20 or less, must increase to R-44
     If existing R-value is 21 or more, must increase by R-25
Non Attic Air Sealing/Weather-Stripping (20% of installation cost up to $40) 20%
20 Efficient Lightbulbs (Compact Fluorescent Lights @ $1/bulb or LEDS @ 50% of retail value)  varies
Elective Projects (choose at a minimum of any 2 measures below)
Wall Insulation  
Wall Insulation - 20% of install cost up to $300*
     Existing R-Value must be 0. Must insulate to R-13.
Convenience Items  
Additional Efficient Lightbulbs (up to an additional 20 bulbs)** varies
Refrigerator/Freezer Recycling (Go to Xcel Energy’s website to learn about this project) $35
TV peripherals turned off with Timer Power Strip (replacing power strip) $10
Energy Star Appliances  
Refrigerator Replacement $15
Dishwasher Replacement $15
Clothes washer Replacement $50
High Efficiency Heating  
92% AFUE Furnace* $70
94% AFUE Furnace* $70
96% AFUE Furnace* $325
84% efficient boiler* $125
ECM Fan (furnaces only) $100
Install a new Programmable Thermostat or Program an Existing Thermostat $10
Water Heating  
Tankless Water Heater 0.90 EF* $125
Storage Water Heater 0.62 EF* $50
Storage Water Heater 0.64 EF* $70
Storage Water Heater 0.67 EF* $170
High Efficiency Cooling  
13-49.5 SEER Air Conditioner* $175
15 SEER Air Conditioner/12.5 EER Air Conditioner* $375
16 SEER Air Conditioner/13 EER Air Conditioner* $475