Rebates & Incentives FAQ

What energy rebates are available from Xcel Energy?

Xcel Energy's Home Performance Rebate program rewards you with up to $1,200 in cash rebates when you install a wide variety of energy-saving improvements, equipment, and appliances.

Ground Source Heat Pump Rebates: Cash rebate of $150 per ton (5 ton limit) makes purchasing a high-efficiency ground source heat pump more affordable.

Heating Rebates: Rebates on home heating for Minnesota gas customers.

High Efficiency Cooling Rebates: Minnesota electric customers can earn up to a $400 rebate.

Insulation Rebates: Rebates on home insulation for Xcel Energy’s Minnesota gas and electric customers.

Saver's Switch: Use a Saver’s Switch with your air conditioning system and save 15%--guaranteed—on your June through September electric bills.

Water Heater Rebates: Water heater rebates for Minnesota are more comprehensive than ever.

2011 Federal Tax Credits for residential energy efficiency such as biomass stoves, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, insulation, roofs (metal & asphalt), water heaters (non-solar), windows and doors, geothermal heat pumps, small wind turbines (residential), solar energy systems, and fuel cells.

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How do I schedule a follow-up blower door test and final Home Performance inspection?

Contact the NEC at 651-221-4462 ext. 136 or email us at