Energy Advisor Service

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Are you looking to improve the efficiency and comfort of your home, but aren't sure where to start?

Do you have problems like ice dams or cold spots but don't know how to solve them?

Maybe you know what improvements to work on, but have questions about financing, rebates or hiring qualified contractors.

Whatever your question or concern, the Neighborhood Energy Connection, in partnership with Xcel Energy, wants to help you resolve it so that you can achieve your home energy goals.

Together, we created the Energy Advisor Service. Energy advisors are here to offer as much assistance as you need to complete your home energy projects.

Working with an energy advisor is completely free, so don't hesitate to contact us. We don’t offer a one size fits all approach: We know that your home is unique, and that your projects, goals and needs are too.

The Energy Advisor Service works to fulfill the NEC’s mission to improve people’s lives by making energy conservation easy. Whatever comes up, we want to make it easier for you to live in a home that is efficient, durable and comfortable. 

Contact us today to get started. It’s free, there’s no pressure and we’re ready to help.

Email us at or call us at 651.328.6224

 Step #1: Schedule a Home Energy Audit

The best—and lowest cost—way to start improving your home’s performance is with an Xcel Energy audit. During the audit, a trained energy professional will evaluate and analyze your home's energy use. Your auditor will work to answer your questions and focus on the issues that concern you. The audit is a tool that helps you and your energy advisor best determine where to start. After your audit, your auditor provides a report that includes:

  • Your home’s current Energy Fit Homes Score (a measurement of your home’s current level of efficiency)
  • Information on your home’s current levels of insulation and air sealing
  • The age and efficiency of your mechanical equipment
  • Prioritized recommendations that address your concerns and explain how to make your home more efficient.  
  •  Information about rebates you could earn from Xcel Energy

To request an audit, call 1-800-895-4999 or simply go online. Afterwards, your auditor or advisor will call to set up an appointment time that works well for you. We highly recommend Xcel Energy’s $60 Standard Audit or the $100 Standard Audit with Infrared Test, as these audits provide the most useful and actionable information.

Step #2: Connect with Approved Contractors, Complete Projects

After your audit is completed, our advisors will guide you through the next steps, making it easier for you to complete recommendations that you choose. We can:

  • Review your audit report and prioritize your auditor recommendations so that you feel confident about the actions you take
  • Connect you to Xcel Energy Approved Contractors
  • Review bids from contractors if you have questions
  • Find the best financing options for your projects
  • Check to see if you earned the Energy Fit Homes certificate or how you improved your Energy Fit Homes score with your projects

Step #3: Get Rebates from Xcel Energy

We want to reward you for your energy efficiency work with Xcel Energy rebates. We’ll connect you to rebates for:

  • Adding attic insulation plus completing additional energy projects. With the bundled Home Performance rebate, you get a bigger rebate for doing more projects.
  • Adding additional attic insulation & air sealing
  • Upgrading your heating systems
  • Replacing your water heater
  • Installing a more efficient air conditioner
  • Having a Saver's Switch installed on your AC unit Letting Xcel Energy haul away your extra fridge or freezer

Visit Xcel Energy’s website to learn more or contact Mike at the Energy Advisor Service with questions. We are happy to speak with you as well. Feel free to call 651.328.6224 or stop by the office.