Home Energy Squad FAQ

What is the difference between an Audit and a Squad visit?    

A Squad visit results in energy saving measures being installed during the visit, while an Audit gives homeowners information on the most cost beneficial steps they can take to make their home more energy efficient.

What is the cost of a Squad visit?

The service costs $70, and is payable by cash or check during the visit, or by PayPal (to Info at TheNEC.org) beforehand.

Do you recommend both an Audit and a Squad visit?  Which should be done first?

Customers will usually benefit from both services, and usually the Squad visit happens first.

Is there a cost if nothing is installed?

If the Squad makes a trip out to the house but the homeowner chooses not to accept any measures, they will be asked to pay a $30 trip charge.

Do I need landlord approval?

Yes. You will need approval form your Landlord if the Squad is installing a programmable thermostat.

Can I schedule a visit if I don’t want or need bulbs/thermostat/water heater blanket?

As long as there are some measures that can be installed, the visit can happen.

How long does the appointment take?

It usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, but can run to 2 hours if there is great need.

Can you put weather stripping on patio doors?

Unfortunately no, we are not able to weather strip a leaky patio sliding door.

Do you do anything for windows?

No. Windows are best addressed by the homeowner due to the time intensive nature of the work.

Do you do insulation?

No, but we do inspect your attic for insulation and make recommendations as to what is needed.

What area do you service?

The Squads serve all customers in the east metro area that have Xcel gas and electricity, plus customers in the Northfield and St. Cloud areas.