We help more than 5,000 families a year across Minnesota improve their homes' comfort and energy efficiency while saving money!

What your neighbors are saying:

Customer comments:

“The Home Energy Squad was here yesterday and they did a marvelous job! I will recommend this program to many friends that I know. Thanks so much and keep up the good work. I appreciate it.”
- Vallerie Matthews (voicemail)

“ You’ve got a great team and a great program. I love my new programmable thermostat. So thank you very much!
- Marie Mallinger (voicemail)

“Thanks to the two people that came to my house today and wrapped our water heater, installed a new shower head and weather stripped our front door! I can already feel the temperature difference in my living room!
- Juli Jansen Pelletier

"I was very impressed with the Home Energy Squad team, especially with their ability to work with some structural anomalies in my 100 year old home. I just love my water saver new shower head...I have never been able to get such great water pressure in the shower before, even with a complete plumbing overhaul in the past. And yet this saves water! Phenomenal. The (Home Energy Squad) program is worth it for the light bulbs alone, which they installed, even in the recessed ceiling fixtures."
— Seaneen Aschittino

"Thank you for doing the audit on our home. Your explanations and helping us understand what we needed to improve our home energy was done well and very much appreciated. Thanks again!"
— Wayne/Jean Takeshita

“The Energy Squad was efficient, knowledgeable, and courteous. I was really impressed with how quickly they did work that would have taken me many trips to the store and lots of frustration. Plus, the materials are high quality.”
— Alice Tibbetts
“I had my parents go to the first workshop and it was a lot of help. We saved over $100 on bills this month but there is still more for us to do to save. So thanks again for getting this to those who need it and especially in a way that my parents can understand.”
— Drew Thao
“Just wanted to add my thoughts about the Home Energy Squad program.  It is fabulous, from start to finish! The team that came to my house was friendly, efficient and tidy! I've recommended this program to several family members, friends, and neighbors.  Thanks for offering this opportunity!“
— Rosie O'Brien
“I appreciate all the savings we will see because of the lights and all. God bless all of you in your daily work.”
— Mary Severson
“Thank you so much for help at our home on your November visit. You were helpful, respectful and very passionate about your work. We appreciate your work!”
— Allison & Aaron Litansky