Jane Cunningham - Seeing a payoff with the Energy Smart Homes Program

Jane Cunningham - Seeing a payoff with the Energy Smart Homes program

Dear NEC,

When Danielle called me to schedule the final inspection for my energy improvements, I realized I needed to write to let you know how pleased I have been with the whole Energy Smart Homes program and process. As you may recall, I started with a thorough home energy audit and then proceeded with considerable interior and exterior insulation improvements and boiler replacement. The Home Energy Squad also provided better faucets and retrofitted insulation around c. 1925 doors—no easy task!

Having the professional audit done gave me both the knowledge and confidence to proceed; the particular auditor, Mark McGough, was both deeply knowledgeable and able to convey information in a very accessible fashion. The availability of the vetted vendors was another huge factor, sparing me the need and “vulnerability’ of having to find someone myself. Most critically, the availability of two loan programs—Energy Smart Homes and MN Energy Loan—enabled me to do more than I thought possible. I am already seeing a payoff: even after accounting for the warmer weather, my new boiler and insulated walls, attic, and basement have dropped my energy costs considerably. Even my water bill is much lower, after having the special low volume faucets installed.

Frankly, I assumed my income was too high to qualify for either of these loan programs. I was delighted to learn it was not. At a time when most home values are still falling and ‘retail’ financing of all kind is difficult to obtain, this program fills a critical void for those of us who wish to continue to make modest improvements in our homes. I realize NEC is a nonprofit organization dependent upon outside funding and the continued partnership of Xcel Energy. Please share with your funders/partners my heartfelt appreciation for the availability of the program.

Again, thanks to you and colleagues for the important work you do.


Jane Cunningham